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Tangy Mayonnaise

by Simple Truth


4.13 (11)

  • Is Tangy Mayonnaise vegan? Yes! Tangy Mayonnaise is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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2 September 2021
So happy to find a decent (and reasonably priced) vegan mayonnaise at Checkers! This was

delicious on a chicken mayo toastie😌


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This is so much like the original egg-based mayonnaise we were brought up on, but

only better!

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Hands down my favourite mayonnaise. It goes great with most things - potatoes, coleslaw, sandwiches,

creamy salad dressings, other veggies…

It also seems to be more affordable than most of the other vegan mayos.

Tangy, with a decent amount of creaminess (almost like the perfect balance between the B-well creamy and tangy mayo; it’s like those two B-Well mayos had a little mayo baby).

Will buy again 🍟

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I love vegan mayo and will try any one that I can find. This product

definitely has its pro’s— I like that it uses real ingredients and its super tangy. I don’t love it’s texture though. Mixed with the simple truth Chipotle sauce though, it’s pure magic😍 #veganin2020

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