Dark Chocolate Almond Milk

by Silk
4.58 (96)
  • Is Dark Chocolate Almond Milk vegan? Yes! Dark Chocolate Almond Milk is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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After a workout I always liked looking forward to a glass of chocolate milk. While

at my dad's I saw this and thought I'd treat myself after some yoga in the morning. I really love how chocolatey it is. Even the color is so much darker than I would expect chocolate milk to be. I typically don't go for almond milk because it's so thin and slightly sweet, but it was nice with the chocolate. I was hoping it'd have a bit more protein to truly make it a good after-workout treat, but it only has one gram. I guess I'd want soy or pea milk if I was really looking for protein. It does have a lot of calcium however, and a good amount of vitamins D, A, and E.

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This is the best choco mylk I’ve tried. I like to mix it into iced

coffee and @xdarrenx slings it right outta the carton so you can’t really go wrong here. Zero chalky flav and 100% creamy, chocolatey goodness 🍫🥛😚#veganisnotscary #9090challenge 46

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