Grain Free Mini Buñuelos

  • Is Grain Free Mini Buñuelos vegan? Yes! Grain Free Mini Buñuelos is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 30%

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

Felt a little festive in target the other day, and by that I mean I

literally bought all the new holiday vegan snacks with no restraint cause I couldn’t help myself.. anyway picked these Sieté Grain Free Mini Buñuelos up as something exciting and fun and thought they would be a different, more airy take on their churro strips which I love. Well, they are not. They are in fact just the churro strips but in circular form. Not mad about it because they’re still perfection (they taste like cinnamon toast crunch) but just a tad disappointed. 🎄🥠🕊 #veganisnotscary

These were interesting, but not a very satisfying snack. I feel like it's a bit

too expensive for what you get in a bag. #veganin2021

These were honestly so disappointing. They just taste like tortilla chips with a slight sprinkle

of cinnamon and sugar :( The only product I’ve tried from Siete that I haven’t liked!! #veganin2020

These are so light and crispy! They’re a good balance of salty and sweet and

a good crunchy snack! #veganisnotscary

These are super good. The ratio of cinnamon and sugar is perfect and the chips

are a great size.

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