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  • Berry Bliss Açai Bowl
  • Berry Bliss Açai Bowl

Berry Bliss Açai Bowl

by Sambazon


4.53 (11)

  • Is Berry Bliss Açai Bowl vegan? Yes! Berry Bliss Açai Bowl is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 54%

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13 May 2021
This may be my favorite flavor! Not only does it contain açaí berry, but also

strawberry & banana, complete with granola topping. It also has a billion probiotics per serving, unlike the plain açaí version, and that’s pretty awesome! The consistency is perfect. P.S. Container made from 100% Plant Fiber. ☺️

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I love this Acai bowl! It has a really great berry flavor that's not too

sweet. It comes with granola on the side.

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Found this in the freezer section at Publix! It was 💲3.29 which is expensive but

muuuch cheaper than getting açaí bowls at cafes which can run you $10-15. This defrosted in about 10 min and the açaí has an amazing fruity berry flavor. I hated the granola though, it was very chewy and hard to eat. Next time I’ll add my own crunchy granola, fruit, and toppings! Also love the plastic-free packaging.

#acai #acaibowl #veganisnotscary

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I appreciate that the packing is entirely cardboard and #plasticfree . The product itself is

very simple, just purée and granola. I would have liked some whole frozen fruit especially for the price. #acai #berrylover

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