Nirwana Vegan Chocolat Praliné

by Rapunzel
4.44 (111)
  • Is Nirwana Vegan Chocolat Praliné vegan? Yes! Nirwana Vegan Chocolat Praliné is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 57%

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I remember someone saying on here that it’s their favorite chocolate 🍫 (@julyn maybe?!) So

I went out and got it - let me tell y’all: it’s amazing! While I enjoy dark chocolate more than milk chocolate, this one is an exception. It’s filled with vegan Pralinen Creme and #wow is just amazing 😻 Nirwana Vegan is the chocolate for all connoisseurs 👨‍🍳 The fine, classy praline filling melts creamy and tender on the tongue. Rapunzel chocolate stands for the highest quality according to Swiss manufacturing tradition combined with valuable, #fairtrade ingredients from #organic farming. 🌿 In addition to the valuable raw materials, intensive conching is the real secret of true chocolate enjoyment. Through the art of conching, the initially hidden wealth of cocoa flavors develops step by step until it is fully developed. 🤓 At the same time, it creates perfect delicacy and an incomparably soft melt. What’s inside?: Sugar * (whole cane sugar *, cane sugar *), HAZELNUTS * (21.00%), cocoa butter *, cocoa mass *, rice syrup powder * (7.00%), cocoa powder *, sea salt, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin *, bourbon vanilla *
contains the following allergenic ingredients: Nuts * from controlled organic production #impactfulapril

Just one bite of this and you will attain vegan chocolate ~nirvana~ ✨🍫✨

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