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  • Is Roarsomes vegan? Yes! Roarsomes is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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19 October 2021
Our girls love a roarsome! Dinosaur shaped quorn pieces 🦕 (not just for kids!)

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is in aid of Willows Animal Sanctuary #willows

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Bought these as they looked fun and my daughter was excited they are Vegan. I

accidentally ended up eating them at 10pm last night as I wanted something quick and easy. Tatsed nice, better than most nuggets I've tried, good coating and a decent texture. 6 in a box so not loads, probably meant to have two dinosaurs with some salad though, not just on their own, sat in your pants, aged 38 🫣

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The name already says it... they're roar-some!

For a low effort meal they're quite good!

They taste how I remember the meat-equivalent tasting (if that matters to you) and cook in around 20 minutes. I would reccomend these to anybody, especially if you have children. Keep in mind they're not the healthiest (with high levels of salt - and obviously being processed).

❤️ Cheap
❤️ No plastic packaging
❤️ From a vegetarian/vegan brand
❤️ High in protein
❤️ Child-friendly shapes

😐 Not the healthiest
😐 Slightly expensive at full price when comparing to a whole-food diet

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Adorable nuggets. Yummy but more of a fishy flavor rather than chicken imo. Breading crisped

up really well, and because of the shape there's a lot of breading to "meat". Would like to have them in wraps in the future.

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I've been waiting about 20 years to be able to eat these again, and the

Quorn version does not disappoint 😍 so happy these exist!

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