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  • Fiesta Pepper Bowl
  • Fiesta Pepper Bowl

Fiesta Pepper Bowl

by Purple Carrot


4.18 (21)

  • Is Fiesta Pepper Bowl vegan? Yes! Fiesta Pepper Bowl is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 80%

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2 July 2021
I really love this one. I have bought so many in the last few weeks.

Nice to have when you need something quick. I think it tastes great! I love the lime sauce. Healthier plant-based microwavable meal. I would recommend trying it!

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Got this at Walmart. This was so satisfying to eat. The beans, the vegan beef,

the peppers, it was so good. This would be great for the holidays.

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Full disclosure, Covid finally got me. I can't really taste anything, but doing this review


The stats looked pretty good to me, with a nice amount of protein to calorie ratio. I appreciate the variety of veggies, but whoa, the sodium. Even these worn down buds could tell that this is incredibly salty. I ended up eating just half for now due to that and will save half for tomorrow.


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Vegetables crumble with plant based cheese. The flavor needed some spice so we spruced it

up with some hot sauce. Wholesome little dinner! Love a lot of the Purple Carrot meals that are the meal kits you can make from scratch! #abillionxkinder

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