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  • Cacao Almond Latte

Cacao Almond Latte

by Pop & Bottle


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  • Is Cacao Almond Latte vegan? Yes! Cacao Almond Latte is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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18 October 2020
I’ve cut down on caffeine recently and this drink really hit the spot. Great taste

and good ingredients. #almondlatte #cacao #veganisnotscary

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I really love this vegan cacao almond latte. It only has four ingredients (almond milk,

dates, cacao powder, and Himalayan salt). It's essentially a pretty healthy (and refreshing) chocolate milk.

It cost $4 for 11 ounces. If it was a little cheaper I think I'd be having two or three a day. You have to shake it pretty well but everything mixes nicely.

I'd definitely recommend trying it on a hot day.

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