Korean BBQ Chunk

by Oumph!
3.72 (5)
  • Is Korean BBQ Chunk vegan? Yes! Korean BBQ Chunk is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

I didn’t really like the look of this out of the packet because it looked

a bit anaemic compared to Oumph’d great frozen stuff. Once fried up it was very nice - needed a sauce as the flavouring on this was quite mild. Marked vegan.

This had a great texture and I have come to expect a lot from this

brand. Tasted great with some veg and noodles in a quick stir fry. Would buy again.

Ngl I hated this it was disgusting, so did my boyfriend which leads me to

believe its not just a personal preference thing. Maybe we got a bad pack but it just tasted sour it was horrible, don't recommend at all unfortunately

I wasn't a huge fan of the texture of these chunks.

🇰🇷 First time trying Oomph and it was pretty good in our usual stir fry.

It’s super healthy and gluten free!! For people trying vegan this might be a godsend to replace their meat 🥩in favorite dishes. The taste is nice and sweet🍬 and 🧂salty. The texture is quite firm. It shredded a bit in the pan which again might appeal to omnivores transitioning. I’d be interested to try more of their products if they’re on sale. The packaging is very appealing. It was about £3 in a big Sainsbury’s. For me I was missing our usual tofu in this stir fry. #glutenfree #korean #veganmeat #fakemeat #veganuary #veganuary2024

🥕 Yuka: 🟢 Excellent 84/100

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