Omni Golden Fillet

by OmniFoods
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  • Is Omni Golden Fillet vegan? Yes! Omni Golden Fillet is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 30%

Omni Golden Fillet is made with a proprietary blend of non-GMO soy, pea and rice proteins. With indistinguishable taste and texture from real fish fillet, it can be easily be cooked in 4-5 minutes and incorporated into any dish.


gluten and soya


gluten and soya


gluten and soya


gluten and soya

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Most helpful reviews

I like the texture and the slight flavour of sea/fish.
As a common thing about this

product, there aren’t significant nutrients.
On the other side there’s omega 3, it’s naturally cholesterol free and trans fat free.
Every now and then I’m buying it and eat it together with potatoes or spinach.
#cholesterolfree #notransfat #omega3 #fillet

I’m glad that there are some great vegan fish and seafood options on the market


This pack comes with three small battered fillets. They can be eaten on their own, placed in a sandwich, or chopped into smaller pieces for fish tacos. They cooked up crispy in the oven with some broiling at the end of baking as instructed. They both smell and taste fishy. The Gardein fish fillets remain my fave battered fish option but these are a nice dupe.


Tastes like what I remember fish to be! Very crispy on the outside. #veganfish


Buy these at the Green Common restaurant for cheaper prices! Only realised after buying from Fairprice Xtra @ Vivo lol

Very tasty, looks and tastes exactly like fish! Great dish for parties with veg and

non-veg friends.

These are so delicious!! Cannot wait for the launch of the super tasty sauce that

brought this while dish together beautifully!

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