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  • Buttery Spread with Sunflower Oil
  • Buttery Spread with Sunflower Oil

Buttery Spread with Sunflower Oil

by Nuttelex


4.49 (18)

  • Is Buttery Spread with Sunflower Oil vegan? Yes! Buttery Spread with Sunflower Oil is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 11%

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11 May 2021
Sooo happy to be able to bake cookies using this vegan butter. First time trying

and very easy to use :)

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Has a slightly milder butter taste than the other Nuttelex buttery spreads but the taste

is still there.

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It does cost about thrice what a local #butter product would, but worth every last

cent 🙂

Always weird to come back to the original after having tried one of the fancier variants. In this case I was benchmarking against their olive oil option, and found this a bit stiffer and less spreadable. The flavour was slightly milder sans the complexity of the olives, which is actually a good thing because a #spread like this needs to be versatile 😉

What I saw in the third picture alone makes it worth the while to buy from this brand again 🥰

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A staple in our house, have been buying this for years. Even better since Aldi

started stocking it a while ago.
Perfect dairy-free sub for margi or butter, great taste, great value.
I’m obsessed with this on bread topped with garlic flakes and nooch, then cooked in the oven/ air fryer for a mega quick and easy snack 🤤


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