Dipped Chocolate Sprinkled Donut

by No Cow
4.15 (4)
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Most helpful reviews

I really enjoyed this. It still tastes like a protein bar, which I think is

unavoidable, but I don't mind that at all because it actually did taste like a chocolate donut. It kept me full for a few hours and I'll definitely buy it again.

Wow no cow

This is a vegan protein bar that I keep around to help on

days i’m low. The flavor is chocolate with sprinkles on top of the bar (not seen in the picture). 1 G of sugar 20 G protein and about 200 calories. The texture of the bar could be better, but its not horrific.

I didn’t really care for the first No Cow bar I tried a few years

ago but these get a good amount of fanfare and I heard the dipped versions were better so I decided to give them another go.

Though I agree that the dipped version is more enjoyable, I’m just not really into these bars. They are chalky and don’t really taste that great. The amount of protein is very good - 20 grams per 200 cal.

I’ll definitely finish the bars I purchased but don’t think I’m going to opt for these again.

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