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Double Dough Brownie



3.80 (12)

  • Is Double Dough Brownie vegan? Yes! Double Dough Brownie is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 57%

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14 March 2022
Gusto caramello-latte Molto buono, non stucchevole. Approvato!

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This smells delicious, like a proper brownie. It looks really good too, and the texture

despite being a bit dry, is very good. However, being a protein bar it definitely has a weird taste in there, a lot like chocolate Huel. Based on that, I think it’s the pea protein. So, was slightly disappointed but would eat it again. Marked vegan. #brownie #brownieuk

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Was a bit disappointed by this. It was £2.75, and is quite small. It’s high

in protein which is nice, but the cost is extortionate for what you get. The actual brownie isn’t inedible, but it does have a very dry, grainy texture which isn’t very enjoyable. I wouldn’t say I’d never buy it again, but it wouldn’t be high on my priority list if there were other brands. Marked vegan. #protein

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We had this while on a walk along the coast in Portland, Devon, and it

was a great tasty and filling snack. It’s got a cookie dough base, a brownie protein dough filling with a layer of low-sugar caramel, and is then coated in a layer of vegan chocolate. It has a good amount of protein and fibre, and low sugar too. It has a good chocolatey flavour, and does have that slightly weird taste that comes with sweeteners but not very strongly. I got this in my January TVK box, and it’s RRP £2.49 which isn’t too bad for a sweet but sort of healthy snack. I’d definitely have it again if I found it in a shop.

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