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Easter Bunycomb egg

by Moo Free
3.74 (16)
  • Is Easter Bunycomb egg vegan? Yes! Easter Bunycomb egg is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 57%

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Happy #easter to those of you who celebrate! Here’s an eggy review🥚🍫

This vegan #easteregg is

of good size with a nice pattern resembling a dino egg. The box also includes a mini #chocolatebar of the same flavour. (I’ll review that one seperately another time!)

Taste-wise this #rice based chocolate is just like Moo Free’s other #milkchocolate. Pleasant mild chocolatey taste that is perfect for #teammylkchocolate. It is amazingly sweet and delicious. The #honeycomb has a sweet taste of caramelized sugar with what to me tastes like a tiny hint of salt. The actual toffee doesn’t seem to have any added salt in the ingredients however, so I’m thinking it might be the bicarbonate used I find to taste slightly salty?
The #toffee pieces mixes well with the chocolate to give a mild caramelized taste when chewed. The very subtle saltiness is a great addition!

The texture is really smooth and creamy! Melts easily on the tongue and has a very satisfying #chocolate feel.
I had never tried honeycomb before but I really enjoyed it, it’s a light and airy #caramel that is both crunchy and a little chewy. Great combination with the chocolate! It has a good amount of pieces in it, most are pretty small and scattered around. There’s some larger chunks as well though.

The design is great! I really love Moo Free’s cute packaging with silly little stories on them. Great for kids or anybody really, #growingupisoptional after all😊

Like all of their chocolates it is #palmoilfree, #nutfree, #glutenfree and #soyfree. The cocoa is #rainforestalliance certified and the plastic that protects the egg is made of #recycledplastic and is recyclable as well! Clearly marked as vegan.

💵Originally 89 NOK online but I got it at 20% off for 71!

#chocoholic #sweettooth #veganchocolate #veganeaster #chocolatelovers #veganeastereggs

I would absolutely buy this again and recommend it to friends and family. Yes. Yes.

Yes. It’s so nice to have an egg that is laced with honeycomb. It delivered. 10/10.

Happy Easter!!
Got this lil easter egg from Aldi, tastes alright, the chocolate is a bit

too sweet/sugary rather than milky chocolate, and there is hardly any 'bunnycomb'. But its one of the more cheaper vegan easter eggs so I can't complain.


It’s never too early for Easter eggs right?! 😂
This is one of my favourite vegan

eggs. I love the honey comb in the chocolate. I have seen they have thankfully updated the packaging to be more appealing to non vegans, which is great! But also moo free, please make bigger eggs!! :-)

Such a good milk chocolate. Usually vegan “milk” chocolates can taste fake or cheap and

this doesn’t, it smells and feels like actual milk chocolate for once. The honeycomb is a great addition to an Easter egg and it tastes just like a crunchy!

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