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  • Street Tacos Flour Tortillas
  • Street Tacos Flour Tortillas

Street Tacos Flour Tortillas

by Mission Foods


4.66 (7)

  • Is Street Tacos Flour Tortillas vegan? Yes! Street Tacos Flour Tortillas is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 16%

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18 February 2021
Look at these cute little tacos! They’re small and perfect for eating a variety of

2-3 tacos. The tacos are soft and warm nicely in the oven.

Pictured are 3 different types of cauliflower tacos: cumin, buffalo, and bbq.

#tacos #tortillas #abillionlove

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🇨🇵 J'ai acheté ces mini tortillas chez un déstockeur, pratiques pour y mettre du salé

ou du sucré, et à emporter avec soit. Ça change des tartines de pains ou de la baguette. 😉 #veganisnotscary 92/90 #groingroin

🇬🇧 I bought these mini tortillas from a destocker, practical for adding salty or sweet, and to take away with either. It's a change from bread or baguette. 😉

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This Has to be my favorite tortilla products. They are soft and tasty and Are

just the right size to make a couple of small tacos or quesadillas. They might be small in size but they are big on flavor and always taste fresh


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Great size for little tacos, just heat them up a bit and you are good

to go, not chalky tasting like some other flour 🌮

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We love these little tortillas. They make perfect small tacos for the adults and I

use them regularly to make quesadillas for the kids.

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