white chocolate peanut butter cups

by LoveRaw
4.10 (4)

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

Surprised to find these haven't been reviewed before. I ordered these and a few other

loveraw products when I got paid and even have these on subscription to help me stop having non vegan chocolate as its my biggest crutch. The white chocolate is lovely and creamy, not having that weird taste some vegan white chocolate does. A very good little snack.

The coating outside doesn't taste like much so these aren't very "chocolate and peanut butter"

tasting. They're a decent treat but I want more flavour in my pb cups. I still like the brand and wish they'd be more available here. I got these at Fair/Square in Woodstock. If you go, grab the knockoff Bueno bars.

Tasty little cups. I prefer the standard to the white chocolate, but the variety is

nice. Good brand! Found at Across The Pond on Parkdale.

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