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Chestnut Mini Cake

by La.Kkum
4.20 (1)

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🌰🧁 Not often do I find chestnut desserts in SG. Pleasantly happy to see this!

Appreciate how the bakers made this an art piece with the chestnut enveloping a chestnut idea~ I enjoyed the chest nut chunk hidden in the cake 😍 Might be a good idea to break the parts into smaller pieces so you get chestnut in every bite. But then again, the cake itself is enjoyable, with a rustic "grandma' made texture and maple syrup kind of aroma (not that my grandma ever baked for me, but you get the idea.) 👵😜 Would be great to see an elevated version with a Mont Blanc kind of feel, at a different price point. 🤩 #vegancake #vegandessert #veganinsingapore

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