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  • Impossible Sausage (Ground - Spicy)
  • Impossible Sausage (Ground - Spicy)

Impossible Sausage (Ground - Spicy)

by Impossible Foods


4.26 (28)

  • Is Impossible Sausage (Ground - Spicy) vegan? Yes! Impossible Sausage (Ground - Spicy) is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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29 December 2022
Really, really good sausage. The texture and flavour were indistinguishable from meat. I found the

spice level to be perfect and would definitely buy this again.

#vegansausage #spicy #impossible

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It’s pizza night tonight and that means Impossible Sausage Crumbles are on the menu.

These are so good on pizza! I pan fry them until browned and then add them to pizza before it goes in the oven. The flavor is amazing and they add just the perfect spice.

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This #spicy version of the Impossible Foods ground #sausage is just SO delicious, so much

flavor in every bite, definitely tastier than the #savory version. Taste exactly like sausage, even better. Exceeded my expectations, deliciously spiced to perfection!
I really like #impossiblefoods products, all #veganfriendly and amazing. This one we bought from Imperfect Foods for like $6, so worth it and it lasted us for like 3 or 4 meals, since it's just me and my wife.
Package is ok, interesting colors and design, and informative. I like the color combination. We will definitely continue to buy this product.

#vegansausage #spicysausagepatties #veganmeat

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Smelling this whole it cooked made me crave lasagna. I think I would be so

good in a Bolognese! It's really not very spicy to me, so if you actually want spice throw some red pepper flakes or hot sauce in there. We used it for breakfast sandwiches, but it really isn't a breakfast sausage. It definitely seems more made for Italian dishes.

I don't think I'll ever buy this for myself. Firstly, because it's a bit expensive for my taste. And secondly, I don't like how it looks cooking. It grossed me out but luckily I didn't have to man the stove for this meal. It smelled good though!

#veganmeat #vegansausage #notspicyenough

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