Dental Floss

by Georganics
4.81 (16)
  • Is Dental Floss vegan? Yes! Dental Floss is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Such a simple alternative to non vegan / plastic floss. You can just refill the

floss once finished as well. The simple metal lid and glass container are sturdy and very well made. I’ll never go back to buying plastic silk floss. #jaan

Hilo dental vegano y sostenible. Se venden también los recambios aparte 🙂
Fácil de usar y

mucho más bonito que los comunes del supermercado, aunque creo que puede ser ligeramente más grueso.
#veganisnotscary #zerowaste

Filo interdentale vegan e cruelty-free in confezione ricaricabile, la prossima volta devo comprare solo i

ricambi, fantastico e con un ottimo sapore

So many of the products sold for dental hygiene taste synthetic and way too sweet.

This dental floss is coated in a pleasant mint and ginger flavour and does a good job of interdental cleaning. No plastic involved. The floss dispenser is made of glass and metal which is reusable and you just by a refill pack of floss which comes in a cardboard box. A little more care is needed handling the glass container- I knocked over the first one and it shattered. But the extra care is worth it when you think of the overall waste saving.
The floss is bio-based (I had to look it up) which can mean it includes materials, chemicals and energy derived from renewable biological resources. This product is vegan and cruelty free.

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