Creamy Original Chao Slices

by Field Roast
4.53 (261)

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Most helpful reviews

This stuff is SO GOOD! I’m bummed I waited to long to try this. I

love the flavor, it’s like a blend between swiss and provolone. The texture is a bit more rubbery and thicker than the Follow Your Heart brand. It melts well and is awesome on sandwiches and nachos. 💲6 (I got it on sale for $5)

#cheese #vegancheese #chao

I love this cheese! It's so delicious, creamy, melty!
It makes great grilled cheese! Melts well

enough to stick the sandwich together. The picture here is 2 slices cheese with herbs on Ezekiel bread. So yummy!
#iowa #vegan

Our Costco carries Chao creamy original slices in 3 and 10-packs, that’s 30 slices!! They

keep great, and they’re amazing on burgers. The melt you can get us awesome.

I rated 4 out of 5 on taste because they’re pretty mild, but they work on a burger with a lot going on! #seattle #veganseattle #seattlevegan

This cheese is perfect for melting on breakfast sandwiches. It's creamy too. I have melted

it in a pan with a small amount of butter in the past and it spreads nicely over hot food! It's a little sweet but overall it tastes great.
#veganisnotscary #meltedcheese #breakfastsandwich

well, it definitely melts well! I did a mushroom cheeseburger taste test with chao. it

goes great with mushrooms. i also had it frozen for over a month and it was still very good. the taste blended well with all the burgeriness & mushrooms. #ditchdairy #veganburger

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