Mazapán Original

by De la Rosa
4.46 (77)
  • Is Mazapán Original vegan? Yes! Mazapán Original is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 35%

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Most helpful reviews

This traditional Mexican candy is called "Mazapán" and is made from peanuts 🥜It's very delicious.

You can make frappes with mazapán, cakes and ice cream.
I really enjoy this candy once in a while. 😋

#mexican #abillionwomen #sweet

Perhaps I’m wrong but I feel like folks either love or dislike this one, not

much middle ground. These Mexican candies are essentially just peanuts and sugar, ground and formed into a disk.

The texture is dryer than an almond marzipan and is crumbly. Much caution should be observed when eating these candies so that you don’t end up with powder all over.

Is it worth the risk? Absolutely. I really love these simple and tasty treats. Make sure you have a drink nearby though!

.99 for 4 at ALDI


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