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  • Triple chunk fudge frozen dessert
  • Triple chunk fudge frozen dessert

Triple chunk fudge frozen dessert

by Daiya


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1 June 2023
#dairyfreeicecream #ditchdairy #veganfudge #soyfree #glutenfree #dairyfree

I picked up this small container of dairy-free ice

cream at Grocery Outlet for some ridiculously cheap price. I couldn’t resist the price, the fact that it’s vegan and the enticing flavor. 

I let the container sit for about 5-10 minutes after pulling it out of the freezer. The ice cream softened, and it was so good. The chocolate ice cream and the fudge swirls were incredibly delicious. You would not know it’s vegan; more specifically, you would not know it isn’t dairy.  I cannot imagine a non-vegan not liking this. 

In fact, I think it’s highly addictive. The nutritional numbers certainly do not suggest this is healthy. So moderation is key (good luck!). 😊

I think Daiya nailed it! I would definitely buy this again. I would also like to try other flavours of Daiya’s.

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It’s really good. It’s not creamy but I like it like that only wished it

had more fudge chunks!

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Good tasting ice cream; the chocolate chunks are really awesome for the taste buds. Hard

to resist eating the whole pint in one sitting.

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