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Gnawbles Creamy Milk Chocolate

by Creative Nature
4.14 (7)
  • Is Gnawbles Creamy Milk Chocolate vegan? Yes! Gnawbles Creamy Milk Chocolate is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 57%

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Most helpful reviews

I used enjoy this type of #chocolate orbs a lot! First time finding them in

a vegan version

The core is based on #rice and #corn flours. It is super satisfying! It is light and airy but luckily not the type of texture that just disppears in the mouth too fast. Very good crunch. It has sweetened #malt taste to it, with a tiiiny hint of salt I feel like. Super good! Perfect ratio of chocolate to biscuit too.

It is #ricechocolate, despite being advertised as #mylkchocolate it is listed as dark chocolate with 45% Cocoa solids on the back. It does taste like milk chocolate to me though! Perhaps the slightly darker kind due to it not being super sugary but it is not bitter. Melts well and is nicely creamy! The consistency is slightly on the thinner side due to the rice base but I don’t mind, it’s good chocolate.

It is #glutenfree, #soyfree, #nutfree and #palmoilfree. Good for people with allergies. Clearly marked as vegan. The bag is #recyclable. Not resealable but that bag isn’t that large.

So good, even better than the ones I remember eating!☺️ I’d buy these again and would like to try their other flavours. Despite the ‘less 39% sugar’ claim it still has some nice sweetness to it.

💵~65 NOK at Diggbox. Very pricey, like most imported products.

(They appear to have rebranded these from gnawbles to magibles, but it’s the same product!)

#chocoholic #sweettooth #veganchocolate #maltesers #teammylkchocolate #milkchocolate #chocolateballs


I really liked these! They’re like Maltesers, but less malty and the chocolate isn’t as

dark as Doisy n Dam’s Ballers. Very moreish, and felt like there a pretty good amount in the bag. Would definitely buy again! £1.20 from Co-op. #maltesers

Ridiculous expensive but yes, very good. Maybe the closest thing to a vegan option to

Maltesers I've found. There's something not quite right about the flavor, but otherwise very similar.

These are so great! I think they taste amazing plus all the allergens they are

free from is awesome, I don't need that but I love recommending them to my vegan friends with Soy/nut allergies etc

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