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5 April 2020
A tad expensive because it was imported by a niche supermarket, but this is amazing.

Not only does it combine salt and spice (my two favourite chocolate flavours), it has this sparkly thing that keeps popping in your mouth for a good few seconds. Every square has a different verb on it (suggestive stuff like 'tease', 'crave', 'ahhh'), and the founder's personal story is printed on the back of the wrapping. Approved!

(not certified vegan because it's made using the same equipment which also handles milk derivatives)

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I love the popping candy but I am not a fan of spicy chocolate. I

got this as a gift but I would not buy it. It’s cool that it has popping candy without milk but the whole chocolate bar just taste not great in my opinion.

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Ok. This one is my favorite. The popping candy is entertaining & the not-too-hot chipotle

kick that comes through is perfect. #veganuary

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