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by Cathedral City


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  • Is Plant Based Block vegan? Yes! Plant Based Block is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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12 January 2023
Apart from a local cheese shop that sells THE best blue cheese I have ever

tasted (obviously vegan), this is the best cheese, we use it all the time in our cooking & sandwiches.
Delicious. Flavour is strong so that’s good as so many vegan cheeses are too mild. Consistency good, can grate or slice & makes an awesome cheese and pickle sandwich. Also melts really well in a cheese toasty or in/on pasta dishes. It’s not waxy like a lot of vegan cheeses. Very convincing if you’re a cheese lover.

Here’s some of the info online:
Creamy, Smooth & Mature Cheddar Flavour

Great for Melting

Vegan Friendly

Suitable for vegans

Our delicious plant-based recipe has been crafted by our experts to bring you a mature cheddar flavour, dairy free alternative to cheese. Based on our iconic tasting cheddar, our comforting plant based delivers a taste of home to give you that Cathedral City flavour, deliciously dairy free. Great for your jacket potatoes, toastie or lasagne.

Creamy, smooth & mature cheddar flavour
Perfect for melting & cooking
Our iconic taste, vegan & vegetarian friendly
Soya, Dairy & Gluten Free
Made from coconut oil
From the maker of the Nation's Favourite cheese brand

Well worth a try.

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When I ate cheese this was my go to as I loved a mature cheese.

Cheese was the hardest thing to quit (I was vegetarian from 11 and felt I relied on cheese for every meal).

This!!! This had the punch mature cheddar has when you eat it!!

I can't wait to eat my cheese and beans on toast again!!!

Very impressed!

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Was excited to try this since it came out so finally picked it up for

tesco club card price of £2.70. When you open the pack it has a very strong smell that reminds me of stinky feet and the supermarket brand cheese but it doesn't smell that way when cooked. I didn't cook it for so long this time but looking forward to testing it on lasagne so I can see how it melts for longer than 10 mins. I didn't notice much flavour but again will need to see how it fares on lasagne.

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I was a little disappointed by this. It was £3.60 for the block. I was

really looking forward to trying it. However, it was just like any other coconut based cheese. I haven’t tried melting it yet, but I do suspect it will be very good to melt because the texture looks like proper cheese.
I will stick to aldi though in future!

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