green tea with pomegranate

by Bigelow
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If you are a tea person, this is for YOU! Green tea hasn’t been my

favorite until I tried this flavor. The hint of pomegranate adds to this tea and makes enjoyable and it less bitter. I’ve tried it iced and hot… both are good. Best for a morning or afternoon tea. It does have caffeine. The last two pictures show the color of the tea about 1 minute and 4 minutes after steeping. I like to keep my tea bags in while I drink, however if you like a weaker tea the box recommends you leave the bag in for about 3 minutes. Swipe for more info!

#tea #greentea #pomegranate #icedtea

This #bigelow green tea with pomegranate (as well as apple and hibiscus) is delicious and

smells great too. Elevates plain green tea to the next level. #greentea

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