Beyond Chicken Plant-Based Breaded Tenders

by Beyond Meat
4.24 (100)
  • Is Beyond Chicken Plant-Based Breaded Tenders vegan? Yes! Beyond Chicken Plant-Based Breaded Tenders is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 11%

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Beyond Meats new Plant-Based Breaded Tenders are delicious in taste & texture. I think any

meat eater would be satisfied while eating these. Best of all, a serving of these has 11g of protein and 50% less saturated fat than a serving of a leading chicken nugget. The instructions on this bag also includes Air Fryer directions with Conventional Oven directions. I’m not sure how great they taste when cooked in a conventional oven, but air frying them tastes 💯 !
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Easy, fast and great flavor.
It's so easy to just throw it on the microwave

or air fryer for a few minutes, add them to your salad, sandwich, pita bread.. or just plain... perfect for a lazy day or night ... it's a must on our freezer #tierradeanimales

I know I’m probably late posting this, but I hadn’t tried these until recently! I

think these #breaded #chickentenders are good, but the reason why I hadn’t tried them before it’s because there are other great #chicken substitutes out there and more affordable. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed these one and I would eat them anytime, but I like other chicken substitutes a little bit more. I did like the flavor in these ones and they do taste good, but I didn’t enjoy the texture a lot, to me they’re a bit hard! Maybe I over cooked them 🤷🏻‍♀️. They weren’t as great as expected for #beyondmeat Anyways we all know Beyond Meat is an awesome vegan brand and they have tons of awesome products! Their resemblance of real chicken is wow! This is an old picture of the package, now is all green and I like both designs, but like the old one better, but it’s still informative. Not recyclable though 👎🏼 We bought these one at Harris Teeter for like $8 I think. So like I said other brands are more #affordable and just as or even more #delicious. Still yes, would buy them again and I do recommend them :)

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I finally found these Beyond Chicken tenders at my local Metro

store. They were on sale for $5.99. I think they’re normally priced at $6.99.

I cooked these in a pan on the stove, without any oil or oil spray. The cooking directions on the bag suggest cooking them in the oven or frying them.  I thought they turned out very well, browning nicely, and looking authentically like white meat chicken tenders. Beyond Meat and Beyond Chicken products are known for mimicking their respective meat counterparts.

I truly enjoyed the taste, but I think the plant-based chicken tenders offered by Gardein or Yves are slightly better. But not enough for me to not recommend these. And I would definitely get these again. 

The ingredient list is quite lengthy; you’ll notice the ingredient list comprises two of my photos.

I have mixed feelings about the nutritional values. These chicken tenders certainly have a lot of nutrients, but also a lot of fat and sodium too. But I suppose, if I don’t eat them too often, I should be ok. I will definitely get these again. 

US Review; Wow! These tenders were so good 😭 They only take eight minutes in

the oven and come out perfectly crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. The breading is nicely spiced and doesn’t cook up too greasy. These are delicious.
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