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  • Pink Berry Goodness In A Bowl
  • Pink Berry Goodness In A Bowl

Pink Berry Goodness In A Bowl

by Amazin' graze


3.96 (10)

  • Is Pink Berry Goodness In A Bowl vegan? Yes! Pink Berry Goodness In A Bowl is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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19 February 2023
When I am feeling like I need a bit of a reset after a weekend

of snacks, this is my go to even though I feel my resolve starting to fade, but I’m going to stay strong and focus on telling you about this oatmeal :)

So as the cheerful title of this product suggest, it’s a bowl of pink happiness. The berries flavoured oats added a great tang and just the right amount of sweetness, plus I used oats milk and sprinkled some cinnamon and hazelnuts over it to make it all better 😋

I ate it slowly throughout the morning as I went about my day, not minding it cooling to room temperature at all and loving every bite :)

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This was delicious cereal. The cranberries and goji berries were sweet. I liked the almond

as they were crunchy. Lovely way to start the day.

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A gift valued at under $2 per #breakfast sachet with balls of floating #oats, fruits

in the form of #raisins, #cranberries, #goji, #pumpkinseeds and sweetened with natural #coconutsugar (3rd ingredient). Verdict 👉 for the #sweettooth 😛

#almond ⚠ (2nd ingredient)

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Pretty decent. It’s a VERY SMALL a serving size so I have to eat 2

packs at a time (about 90 calories each)
I add soy milk and heat it up.
Comes out a pretty pink and tastes nice but nothing obvious.
It’s good for convenience but you are better off making your own
#healthy #breakfast #oats

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$6.90 for just five small packets! ehh didn’t really enjoy this as much as their

other flavours. used soy milk for this, and the pink beet powder didn’t add much flavour to it. thought it was kinda tasteless? it was just like regular oats with some raisins and berries, recommend getting the other two flavours instead

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