Almond no sugars

by Alpro
4.35 (89)
  • Is Almond no sugars vegan? Yes! Almond no sugars is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 22%

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

I bought this milk so many times and forgot to review it! I like it

and suitable for breakfast or for cooking desserts:) #glutenfree

I like to use this in recipes where I cannot use the sweetened version, like

mashed potatoes 😋
The texture is typical for #almondmilk, it’s pretty watery which I don’t mind.
The product also has added B12, B2, E and D #vitamins

Taste-wise..I really don’t enjoy it. It is mild enough that it doesn’t add any noticeable flavour to most of your recipes, so it’s great for that.
On it’s own though it’s really not great in my opinion. It says that the almonds are roasted, but to me it has a very ‘raw’ almond taste that is kinda bitter and not very pleasant.

I will purchase it again when I need it for cooking, but I wish it was available in a smaller version, as I often struggle to find uses for the whole bottle within 5 days.

I used some of the leftover milk to make hot chocolate so it wouldn’t go to waste, better than drinking it plain but still not great and hot chocolate would be a lot better with another type of #plantmilk or even the sweetened version.

Alpro uses almonds that are mostly watered by rain, big fan of that. The packaging is also made of 89% plant-based material and is #recyclable

The price is pretty expensive at about ~31 NOK.

#veganmilk #nondairymilk #ditchdairy #plantbasedmilk

I wouldn’t buy this usually because, although all #plantbasedmilk options have their advantages and disadvantages,

#almondmilk is one of the less sustainable ones, requiring huge amounts of water to grow and causing desertification. However, the shop I volunteer in was having a clear-out and I grabbed 3 cartons of the stuff for free, rather than it going to waste. I’m not sure if this is because it is going out of date this month, but it just tasted like water to me; there was no flavour at all, and it was whiter than other #mylk I have seen. For that reason I didn’t really enjoy it on its own, but maybe I’d like it more in tea or cereal. I think I’ll stick with my usual oat #milk though (once I get through all this first!)
#almondmylk #ditchdairy #alpro #dairyfree #nutmilk

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