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  • Plant-Based Breakfast Sandwich Chik’n & Maple Waffle
  • Plant-Based Breakfast Sandwich Chik’n & Maple Waffle

Plant-Based Breakfast Sandwich Chik’n & Maple Waffle

by Alpha Foods


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26 February 2023
I really liked this chicken and waffle breakfast sandwich. It had the perfect mixture of

crunch with the chicken and sweetness with the waffle. I would highly recommend this. This is one of their better breakfast products. Perfectly acceptable for vegan or non-vegan quick on the go easy.

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Against some of my obsessions and ticks, I had this "sandwich" for lunch instead as

for breakfast, as the name suggests as the best moment to eat it. As a European (or Italian, or Swiss? ) I'm definitely not used to that combination of food, but I wanted to try it because it sounded fun. I found it at the canteen of the Western Michigan University at Kalamazoo, Bernhard Center. It is a frozen product to heat up in the microwave of the canteen, not the best idea I had during the day (I let you imagine what the microwave looked like). As always, I'm really glad and thankful that the canteen has vegan options (it was not the only one! *.*), but maybe some cooked food would have done it better. Not sure.
#veganisnotscary #maplesyrup #waffles #fakemeat #fakechicken #university

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OMG. A dream come true for me! This is a convenient and quick breakfast that

sandwiches a delicious alpha patty between two little waffles. The only downside is microwaving it makes it a little soaggy so you have to let it sit for a bit to regain its shapd.
#alphafoods #breakfast #quickandeasy

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