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photo shared by @nhinhithenhenhe on  17 Apr 2023 - post
photo shared by @nhinhithenhenhe on  17 Apr 2023 - post

First time trying vegan sushi tuna🍣 from watermelon 🍉. U can use soy sauce and olive oil to marinate. And don’t forget to use seaweed for the fishy taste 🤣

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berryveganplanet Wow!! This is so cool! Yum 😋 1 likeReply
theveganfeast This looks fantastic! I usually use mushrooms but now I'm going to have to try watermelon🍉1 likeReply
glutenfreevee I remember Gaz Oakley made tuna steaks using watermelon, but I don’t think he used seaweed! 🍉1 likeReply
lizmaselli Whattt!!! I've had tomato tuna (which was awesome), but this just sounds way cooler! 😁1 likeReply
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