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How I love the leftover food from Christmas! 😂
This is my version of vegan lasagna, I must say they are really good.
The pasta is homemade with organic flour and a little turmeric. The béchamel is made with great oat milk and flour. The sauce is made from garden tomatoes, shallots and lots of basil. Top it off with vegan grated cheese and extra virgin olive oil.
The photo unfortunately did not turn out as well as the dish.

berryveganplanet Yum 😋!! Looks so delicious!! Sometimes leftovers end up tasting even better than the 1st day the dish is made 🥰 the flavors have time to marinate 🌱😋🙌2 likesReply
marabasso Yes, it's true, they taste better! And then thanks to the leftovers you can not cook for a couple of days ☺️.1 likeReply
berryveganplanet Yes! So true. To enjoy and relax after all the cooking and hard work 😓 preparing 🥰1 likeReply
marabasso 👍🏻1 likeReply
raffa70s70 Complimenti!!👏👏👏1 likeReply
ftc Looks amazing 🤩 1 likeReply
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