Vikas The Visionary

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Vikas The Visionary

The man who founded abillion.

I have specially selected the primary colours, yellow, red, green and blue for letter I, K, A & S. When you mix the primary colours, you get many shades of secondary colours. I use this idea to fill all the colours in the letter V to create an impact!

The dot of letter “i” is orange to represent the orange in abillion logo.

The word “Primary” also means important.
There is a saying, “Focus on the primary things, the rest are secondary.” It is focusing on the important that many other beautiful things will flow out from there.

I feel this applies very well to abillion. From a vegan app, a review, a dollar credit, ambassadors programme, to a community equity, and marketplace.

I have chosen to draw the sun. Bright and beautiful. Its rays reaching all corners of the world 🌎 Just like the abillion app, it reaches out to people around the world.

The sun shines its warm rays 365 days in all countries. It embraces everyone regardless of the differences. Just like abillion embraces all regardless whether you are a vegan or not.

All these are planted in the mind first before it becomes a reality. Hence for the word - Visionary ❤️

Original Masterpiece

Length: 14.60cm
Breadth: 10.30cm

Price includes delivery through snail mail ❤️

fulfilling @vikasismyhero will you be interested? Reply
vivalaviolet This is so cool 1 likeReply
fulfilling Thanks! I see that marketplace is available to countries, beside Singapore! 1 likeReply
fulfilling If you like, I can do one for you ❤️Reply
manjugarg I loved it . Keep it up my dear . You have good vision and amazing thoughts . 👍💕1 likeReply
fulfilling Thank you so much. I like to give you this art as a gift. Every art has its rightful owner. It remains unsold for 7 months for a reason because it was waiting for you. A gift for a wonderful mother. 1 likeReply
manjugarg Wow !! Thanks 😊 I am honored with your thoughtfulness .
If you like can send me with Vikas .

We are meeting him in LA trip . Or hold on to until next year I am coming to see you all in Singapore 🇸🇬 2 likesReply
fulfilling I love to let you have it. Let me check with Vikas when he is flying over to America & whether it is possible to meet up to pass the artwork him for you. 1 likeReply
vikas This is so beautiful thank you 🙏 1 likeReply
fulfilling You are most welcome, Vikas Reply
fulfilling I would pass the artwork to you when you come to Singapore next year ❤️
manjugarg 💕1 likeReply
fulfilling ❤️Reply
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