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  • Sweet & Sour Meat Set
  • Sweet & Sour Meat Set

Sweet & Sour Meat Set

by Zi Zai Vegetarian


4.00 (4)

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13 January 2021
Generous portion, delicious, low price point =winning formula👍

If there's anything to nitpick about..

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19 October 2019
the sweet and sour sauce was nice but apart frm that, i think it was

v overpriced for such a simple dish and wld have liked if they gave more sauce! 😓 cld have gotten that portion of the same kind of mock meat for $1 in my school!! (this set costs $5.80!! 🤯)

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16 April 2022
Mock meat was good!

Love the texture, though the soy taste is still there.

The sauce is strong too, though the sour in the sweet & sour isn't really there.

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8 March 2020
Tastes good.

Presentation looks good too. A go to when you want something sweet and sour.

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