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Finally tried the handmade dumplings at Yu Long Vege. Ordered fried guo tie at $7!

The ingredients are interesting.. popiah kind of ingredients 😋😋😋 Nubbbadddd ohhhh ! Shop located at 79a circuit road food centre, #01‐85!

This week I ate twice already. It tasted great and a bit sticky. Will be

back for it soon 😃


Yu Long Vege Shop located in Circuit Road Hawker Centre, stall unit #01-85 sell delicious

fried guo tie~ Vegan and veg friendly! Ten pcs of it cost $7. The dumplings are filled with popiah kind of fillings (same kind of vege which I don’t know the name of it hahaha do you know what’s that vege call?). Love these with vinegar and ginger 😋 yummm~ #abillionlove

Smackingly #greasy with additional pan fry step (+1 buck) to achieve better textural mouthfeel after

parboiling as opposed to dunking it in boiling water and callin it a day. Filling's (mishmash of plants, fungus & more) nailed on and dare I say, rival's Herbivore's skinnier version at fraction of cost. Its a Yes❣️ 👍

No damage at all 👉 $8

Probably one of the best veg guo tie I ever had. I remembered the last

best guo tie I had was 12 years ago, and it was non veg. This guo tie has crispy skin on the outside, as you bite into the filling, you will realised the inner skin is soft. The filling is so flavourful and a mixture of different texture. The vinegar and the shredded ginger make this dish 10/10.

This photo definitely does not do these pan-fried dumplings justice. Filled with hearty, chunky, all-natural

plant-based ingredients as opposed to processed meat substitutes, it left me filling well nourished and satisfied! The skin’s also of the perfect thickness and fried to the right degree. $7 for a very shareable dish in a hawker centre filled with many other amazing veg stalls!

The guo tie were crispy on the outside. However, I feel the fillings can have

a slightly stronger seasoning. It is fine when eaten together with the sauce though.

The fillings aren't particularly meaty as what I expected it to be, leaning more towards a veggie filling guo tie instead. So good to keep that in mind in order to avoid wrong expectations.

I swear there wasn't as many veg stalls here when I lived here!!! Always love

dumplings of any shape and size, for $7 it's really worth it! Couldn't even finish it myself haha

This is a must try if you’re at this hawker centre! The filling’s generous, seasoned

well (tastes a lil pepper-ish) and though the skin is a bit thicker than other dumplings it is really good all tgt. I loved every bite and wanted more!
Ps photos don’t do em justice and ik they look a lil burnt (was hesitant to try bc of the photos) but there’s no burnt taste😅 (this is a late post btw)

Pan fried dumplings!! Hand made & packed with veggies! Worth the price($7) considering its freshly

made & a big serving

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