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Pumpkin Katsu Curry

by YO! Sushi


4.34 (16)

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12 November 2021
Okay so deep fried pumpkin with white rice is definitely not the healthiest, but it

tastes bloody sensational!!

This one in particular was really saucy which was fab😈 a biiit pricey at £6.55 for a wee-ish bowl but YO do 20% student discount so I’m here for it💁‍♀️

#veganisnotscary #katsu #9090challenge

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3 February 2022
I'm a huge katsu curry fan, so I couldn't resist!

This was so lovely! I’d deffo have this again, I think they now do full sized portions of this which I’d also like to try. I also loved that there was so much sauce with this!

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18 June 2019
I love this katsu curry, the breaded pumpkin is very tasty, and the sauce is

lovely not overly rich as some katsu sauces can be. Would recommend. The picture is the large portion, but a smaller portion for half the price are also available to try.

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22 March 2023
A beautifully delicious curry.

The rice was fluffy and perfectly cooked. The sauce was tasty, and the two pumpkin katsu “fillets” on top were crispy and delicious. One of their best dishes so far.

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17 July 2021
This was decent (though during a heat wave was not the ideal time for it).

The pumpkin thing was really nice, slightly sweet I think? But pretty flavourful. The sauce was...

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3 March 2022
Great value for money and tasted amazing.

A really nice thick sauce that goes well with the crunchy breaded pumpkin and sticky rice.

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4 October 2020
Great katsu flavour, a nice if you wanted some fried tasting.

Fresh veggies add a lovely crunch in comparison to the soft pumpkin. #veganisnotscary

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28 March 2019
You can get the pumpkin on its own but it's worth getting the curry as

the sauce is amazeballs and the portion size is perfect.


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24 September 2020
This was lovely.

The pumpkin had a creamy texture and the Katsu sauce was delicious with the sticky rice. Would buy again!

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10 September 2020
I love Yo!

Sushi! The pumpkin katsu curry, yasai rolls and vegetable gyozas are my go to!! 100% recommend!!!

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