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Avacado Maki

by YO! Sushi


3.94 (7)

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26 October 2020
I adore avocado maki.

It's always a lovely surprise when all of the avocado pieces are ripe and these were spot on. I just wish they gave you more 🥑 #veganisnotscary

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9 May 2022
These maki were amazing.

Avocado was just Perfect.

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23 January 2020
Ordered several dishes of the yo sushi vegan menu today they were all really good

their vegan food is definetly some of the best in terms of chain restaurants.

#plantbased #friendsnotfood #vegan

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15 March 2023
Avocado and mayo wrapped in a nori roll

To those who haven’t had maki before, I warn you now that these are tiny. They are sushi for dolls. Yes, everything was fresh and came out just like the description but I really cannot justify the exuberant price for...

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4 November 2020
This is a good starter.

If you’re a fussy eater I’d try this as its not meant to be very flavoursome. The avocado is lovely and creamy and the mixes well with the sticky rice:) I always add a bit of soy sauce to mine just to add some extra umph

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4 October 2020
Was a good price, but presentation was a bit sloppy.

Unfortunately I've had better avao maki, but might have just been the chef working that day. #veganisnotscary

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10 March 2020
forgot to get a picture before eating half of them lol but love these the

perfect vegan sushi dish

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12 February 2020
I never really go for this as I prefer cucumber to avocado, but it was

really delicious! Love the texture.

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