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I ordered an additional maw for an extra $1. The vegetables are in there somewhere

and are plentiful 🙂 There’s 2 cubes of tofu and some mushrooms too, which I don’t really care for.
This is my go-to when I want to eat clean and load up with tons of vegetables

I am in love with this. The noodles are fresh and springy. The soup is

light and filled with a lot of greens, tofu, and three big veggie dumplings. Great stuff indeed

I'm quite surprised by the soup. I was expecting some form of yong tau fu

like soy bean based soup, but I believe they added mushroom as well. So the savory flavor is quite rich. The tofu is the really chewy type! Lots of veg. The gravy on the noodles is good~ I believe it had a lot of basil. I added a squeeze of chilli myself! The noodles itself... were too much actually. I struggled a bit to finish.

$6.50! it was funny how the bowl of soup was larger than the bowl of

noodles😂 but anyways I quite liked this! the portion of noodles were generous and the sauce was good and flavorful, not too salty but a little oily. not sure why I was given anchovies though, forgot about it when I first got it and then realised after:( the soup was okay, nothing special but I really liked this bean curd skin thingy in the soup😂 overall a pretty decent dish but a little expensive!

Everything here except the dumplings is vegan. They spam a lot of vegetables but I

couldn't finish them all. Albeit i don't like stalks. Not much protein though so I head home after and whipped some tempeh lol.

All time favourite! After it moved out from Tampines mall some time back, i have

missed xuan miao so badly. Glad to make a trip to sengkang today and satisfy my craving!

There's this paste they put it at the side of their noodles that is kinda

similar to yuzu miso, it's soo yummy!

There are four ingredients plus noodles. The noodles was tasty.

Had this for lunch and aunt said it was so good and she’ll get it

next time! She slurped it down ! i was preoccupied sharing this with her that i forgot to take a picture :c

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