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Make-your-own Sushi Roll

by Wooshi Katong
4.07 (3)

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Wooshi Katong
Wooshi Katong4 dishes · 13 reviews

228 Tanjong Katong Rd, #01-01, Singapore 437016

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Most helpful reviews

Had to have another one now that I'm hooked to the idea of sushi rolls.

This ones got yuzoo sesame dressing, kimchi (which they unfortunately seem to be taking off their menu), edamame, avocado, tofu, premium sushi rice, togarashi spice and ceushed peanut. Could taste the citrus but the sesame was more subtle. The edamame kept falling out. I think I prefer my previous selection and it was more intact. Again, this is a little dry without the wasabi / soy packeted sauces provided. Would be nice to have some extra yuzu sesame to drizzle over.

#sushi #vegansushi

Same choices of ingredients available as the bowls, except no noodles here of course! It’s

either white vinegar rice or brown rice. The only vegan main is the grilled tofu, which is so good!! One roll is cut into eight pieces of sushi. Wooshi is pretty generous with their portions, and the ingredients are layered and wrapped well in the rolls. I got the teriyaki sauce (which is vegan) for this and it paired nicely! #veganin2020

As a vegetarian here since childhood, I had pretty much given up on the idea

of vegetarian sushi (along with many other Asian dishes) options here. I might have a tried some veg sushis but none impressed me much. Now this make-your-own sushi feels new to me, even though the concept seems to have been around for a while. I had never tried (or even looked at) maki-san or anything similar till now. So I was a little too excited to see this option and that it actually turned out to be good!

Tried JUST Egg for the first time and it was not bad at all, did taste like egg. Good mix of flavours but I would like more spicy kimchi in there! Crushed peanuts added a nice crunch. Love the double dark sesame (I assume it is vegan as it doesn't say, or you can always pick another sauce). Overall - delicious, a little dry (they gave some packets of sauce I didn't want to use), may need to upsize when I'm hungrier. Will totally eat more sushi now. 😆

#sushi #sushirolls

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