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Döner ChipBox

by What The Pitta Croydon


4.63 (26)

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10 April 2023
Oh my goodness do I love this dish! It's INSANE would highly recommend

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This is 10/10 I've of my favourite meals to eat out ever would highly recommend

the sauces and kebab meat are phenomenal

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Happy 5 year veganniversary to me! 💚 Well it's either today or tomorrow so I'll

celebrate the whole weekend 😋 what the pitta are one of the best vegan places around and they never fail to please. This is also the most ginormous portion they've ever sent me 😂 such great value for money!! The fries are always perfect and spiced well, the meat is lovely and seasoned well and the salad and toppings are never lacking! (They sent garlic mayo, tzatziki, burger sauce and humous too) I honestly don't know how I ate it all, was like shovelling a mountain 😂 (plus some vegan calculator stats!!) #abillionlove #veganniversary #whatthepitta

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Absolutely LOVE this! I've had it so many times, and it never disappoints! You get

a choice of 5 sauces to add on top, and can have more than one. They pack a whole load of food into the box and it's actually cheap for London and the quantity! The diner pieces are really good! And the mixture of chips, hummus, chilli and salad with it is amazing! I'll never get bored of this dish!


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Everything served at the restaurant including the sauces were completely vegan, which was great. The

food was delicious and the fries had a lovely seasoning on them. The meal was a tad expensive at 12 pound for the wrap, chips and drink. However, the wrap was huge and therefore worth the extra. #blackgoat

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Vegan döner pieces on top of chips and salad on the side. You get a

choice of sauces - I went for garlic mayo and chilli which was sooo good! I really loved the döner pieces - it didn’t taste like lamb but it didn’t have to! It’s pretty salty which is fine at first but toooo much towards the end.

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Everything you want and need from a döner. Taste, texture, presentation. It’s all perfect!
Half a

box of fresh made What The Pitta soya döner pieces, loads of chips and a mix of salad with hummus & homemade tzatziki.

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Absolutely amazing box stuffed with seitan, hummus, salad, yoghurt cucumber and chips and topped with

burger sauce. I was absolutely stuffed- incredible!

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I could eat this every day and not get sick of it. The chips (fries)

are perfectly fried and crispy. The soy döner meat has an incredible flavor. I added lettuce, tomato, and tatziki to top it all off. This is a huge portion that is easily shareable, but you won’t want to.

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One of my favourite vegan dishes!

The döner tastes amazing, as well as the chips

and salad. I’m a bit picky with vegan meats but ‘what the pittas’ dishes are by far one of the best.

It’s quite expensive but for the amount of food you get it is definitely worth it.

Highly recommend for a hangover or just to treat yourself.

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