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Margarita Pizza

by Floralia


4.55 (4)

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20 November 2020

The cheese is amazing! Vegan pizza is the future. 🍕

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9 August 2020
Awesome tasting vegan pizza!

The people are nice and they make wood fired oven makes the pizzas taste so good! #aloha

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1 April 2021
I don't think I've ever seen a wood fired vegan pizza with homemade

cheeses and meats before! Super cute operation, only open on weekends and totally worth the wait time. Also 5 minutes from the beach and is a perfect accompaniment to an Oahu...

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25 October 2022
Amazing, freshly hand made fired pizzas so even though it’s a simple pizza, it tastes

incredible at this place. I truly don’t think they’ll have a bad creation

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