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番茄豆子的酸辣和沙拉酱的酸非常开胃,以至于我一直觉得自己吃不饱(但是最后还是饱了),番茄的部分对于不能吃辣的人可能会有点辣。另外pita 面包很松软,和番茄的搭配很好吃。

This was very appetising(as in it made me feel more hungry while I was

eating it) bc the tomato part was a bit spicy and the salad sauce was sour(I think it was a lemon/ passionfruit sauce???). The tomato part could be a bit spicy to people with low spice tolerance but otherwise the pita bread was nice and soft and paired really well with the tomato part.


FIVE STARS!! shakshuka is like a tomato stew with capsicums and mixed beans with tofu

scramble (they also sell the stew separately in packets if you wanna cook them by yourself at home!!). omigawd the stew was absolutely amazing and the tofu scramble combi was 💯💯💯 it comes with a side salad, and your choice of pita bread/rice. i chose pita bread, which went so well with the stew :”) i would highly recommend this dish!! love this so much!!!

🍲 The Shakshuka is WellSmoocht's signature dish & what a beautiful presentation! 👏👏👏
🍲 The dish

is well cooked with soft beans, chick peas, tomatoes, onions nd olive oil.
🍲 It is savoury and not too tangy, but can't quote taste the spices.
🍲 Supposed to be cooked with garlic, cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper, and nutmeg. 
🍲 Could be more spicy though
🍲 Love the tofu "egg"
🍲 Nice side salad with a yummy dressing.
🍲 The pita was too little to go with
🍲 The bf gave it thumbs up as well except the portion is too small sized
💖 Day31 #veganisnotscary
#firstdishreview #supportsg #supportlocal #supportlocalbusiness #mediterranian #shakshuka

Visited on their last day of operations at the Upper Thomson outlet with my JC

bestie 🥲

It used to be a tradition for us to head there after every final paper / during sch hols, and we continued visiting from time to time for catch-up sessions throughout our uni years and after graduation. Gonna head to WS Deli in Jurong from now on for their delicious food!

Ordered one of our fav items:

🍅 Shakshuka w tofu scramble & brown rice

Super flavourful and nutritious tangy & umami tomato stew with assorted beans and peas like edamame and chickpeas.

Goes v well with the soft and tasty tofu scramble topping. Love the simple but refreshingly crunchy & tangy side salad too!

#stew #tomato #shakshuka #tofu

After much anticipation, I finally made it down to Well Smoocht. This was a nice

dish, though it wasn’t very filling, or I would rate it 5️⃣⭐️ It’s great if you want to save space for other dishes or desserts which was my intention. Would be more filling if you choose rice rather than pita 🥙 I think the filling can fill 3 pitas rather than 2, the tomato 🍅 sauce was pretty strong and could do with more salad or carbs to balance it out. I 💚 how this comes with tofu scramble. The first pita I made was messy, the sauce leaked out of it. The second one I put salad leaves in first so as to contain the sauce more, and it worked. Really love this place! You can feel the love and care 💞 they put into their food! On the pricey side, but definitely up for a treat when I’m in the area. #sogood #sgtop50

This dish is definitely better with rice, with pita bread it isn't filling enough. Yummy

tomato filling, kidney beans, and tofu scramble. Good that it comes with some fresh veggies. Shared it with @theminttobe #vegbuddies

this dish can probably be one of my comfort foods, the stew is really nice

& flavourful (was seasoned w pepper, herbs and slight chilli i think) ; liked the texture of the tofu scramble!


Delicious dish! Love the tofu ‘egg’ and the entire pairing. Salad was also delicious 😋

Portion wasn’t enough for me though. #abillionlove

Great flavor, great macros. Gotta flex for Zenna ok!!! Happy to see favourites from

WDSB in WellSmoocht too! #sgtop50

The Shakshuka ($12.90) consisted of a stew made from tomatoes, capsicums, onions (cannot be removed),

as well as assorted beans such as kidney beans and chickpeas. The bean stew was not particularly exciting to me, as it was similar to bottled salsa sauces or canned chilli beans, and the amount of beans given was quite little. Nonetheless, the stew was nice and comforting, and came with peppery tofu scrambled “eggs”, as well as a refreshing side salad. Between the choice of pita bread or a bowl of white and brown rice, I had the pita bread, which was chewy and not greasy, making it great for dipping into the stew.

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