Truffle fries

by Well Loft
4.43 (6)
  • Is Truffle fries vegan? Yes! Truffle fries is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Loved these warm and crispy truffle fries! They were pretty generous with the truffle oil


This ain’t your average truffle fries. Unlike other places which simply seem to douse their

fries in truffle oil and call it a day, these truffle fries were topped with nutritional yeast and even had some spices within each fry (tastes like fenugreek to me but I could be wrong) which I have never seen before and really enjoyed. Impressed that even though they are shoestring fries, each an everyone was packed with flavour and I didn’t need any additional sauce to eat it like I usually do

Please pardon my overly yellow photo, it doesn't justify the colour of this dish --

it should be golden. The fries is nicely fried until golden, it is cripsy and so addictive. The truffle scent is so fragrant and enjoyable. The given sauces goes really well with the fries too.

The truffle flavour is not too strong, which I love. I love the nutritional yeast

on top of it all!

Shoe string truffle fries, really yummy. Good for sharing

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