Assorted Ice Cream

  • Is Assorted Ice Cream vegan? Yes! Assorted Ice Cream is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

This was so nice and refreshing, the mint with the chocolate chips. I do like

having some cooling mint now and then. This was good for neutralizing the spice in the tempehrature bowl. Such a cute heart shaped bowl too.

Peanut butter cookie dough ice cream with peanut butter waffles- it can’t get better than

this! Savoury and sweet, love this so much 💕💕💕

So happy because turns out their cones are accidentally vegan! Woohoo - the best kind.

don’t know the last time I had an ice cream on a cone ! But it probably wasn’t that long ago, I have a bad memory.

Anyway, I already knew how good this ice cream flavour was - great for anyone who loves Nutella, nutty flavours and not looking for something super chocolatey and rich. 10/10 would get it again.
#icecream #icecreamcone #dessert

Matcha ice cream they sell from Brownice. I’m not a matcha fan and honestly this

was a bit too much for me but I’m sure matcha fans would love this.
It was a good change from he chocolate ones I normally have though! a little bittwr and the taste was strong - to me.
#icecream #dessert

Dark chocolate cone from brownice at well dressed.
Very sweet and I couldn’t even tell the

difference between this and a vegan ice cream!
Basically it was flavored well and satisfy chocolate cravings so perfectly!
#icecream #chocolate

Definitely tastes like you’d expect. Easily comes in second to hazelnut ice cream but I

cannot complain. Makes for a lovely treat with cake!
Strong Nutella taste, not hard, really is perfect Ice cream texture!
#icecream #dessert

Never a bad time with vegan ice cream!
Light, full of flavour and lower in calories.

for an awesome treat in Singapore’s heat!
#icecream #dessert

Got it with my banana cake (on my birthday!) haha from back in May and

I forgot to review it.
Honestly a good combo with anything chocolately. I tend to overdo and this was a good suggestion by Zenna @ Well Dressed.
A little sour but that is as expected. Just sweet enough and has a melt in your mouth texture!
#icecream #vegan

When I first came to well dressed almost 3 years ago, they were selling this

ice cream. I didn’t commonly get it but when I did I always thought it was so incredible it was vegan.
Now it’s finally back!
I prefer this homemade ice cream over Brownice. It’s chunky, had texture and flavours so it’s not just a flat ice cream flavour, it’s an adventure!
Similar to why Ben and Jerry’s is so popular, because of their texture!

It's interesting. I can taste the peanut butter, and I can taste the cookie dough.

But for some reason it also has a strong buttery caramel-y taste which overall reminds me of chendol? Maybe it's because of the type of sweetener or sugar in it.

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