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Most helpful reviews

Love petai.. this is the first time trying petai with this variety of chilli. Best

ever. Yums... 😋

This dish was absolutely fragrant and a unique way (at least to me) to enjoy

petai instead of sambal

It’s my first time visiting their new branch, but it’s far from the first time

I’ve ordered this 😋 Between this and the more dry red chilli #sambal, I’m glad we went with this 🌶️ Green #chilli is just a lot more refreshing 🧘‍♀️ The #petai was extremely potent this time round — @m1tch9i sister was a huge fan! It’s a nice side if you’re looking for some heat without making things too #spicy 🥵

OMG OMG this is sooo sooo good!!
Spicy.Very generous with the stinky beans.
Ok maybe a tad

unhealthy but who cares,its so good!
U can really taste the green chilli with sm tomatoes n spice,and its all cooked n blending well together.
#petai really is a special dish!!
Love it!!
Goes really well with the gulai fish dish!

Don’t be fooled by its presentation! This dish packs a punch and if you’re a

#petai and #aubergine lover this one’s for you 🌝 The sauce tastes homemade and like it was just made in the morning - so fresh ✨ #veganin2020

This #cabeijo hits haaaaaaard! I’d buy the chilli by itself. Spicy and tasty. Petai may

not be for everyone but I absolutely love it!

This dish doesn't look pretty but it's delicious if you like cabe ijo. I highly

recommend trying this. The cabe ijo is so similar to the padang cabe ijo you get in Indonesia. Def one of my fav dishes

Dish was very tasty but a tad salty and oily to my liking. Petai can

be more generous. Nevertheless a flavourful dish that's worth trying for spicy food lovers.

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