Sticky Vegan ‘Ribs’

  • Is Sticky Vegan ‘Ribs’ vegan? Yes! Sticky Vegan ‘Ribs’ is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
4.56 (70)

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Most helpful reviews

Excuse the picture, I could not help starting eating: these vegan ribs are a must-have

for those of you who loved the taste of meat.

I find they have a wonderful texture and great taste to them. I could not stop eating them!

📍 Wagamama

#veganmeat #veganribs #uk #veganuk

I order this every time I’m at Wagamamas and it never disappoints. Great taste and

texture and presentation always perfect. Level of spiciness also perfect! #asianfood #wagamama #starter

Wow. Just, wow. The texture of these is exactly like what I remember spare ribs

being (going back over 20 years here).
Sweet and sticky, melts in the mouth. Only thing I wish was different is the potion size, and these go down so well!
#wagamama #wimbledon #ribs #veganmeat #soya

‘Vegan Sticky Ribs; not sure about that’, I thought…

A combination of mushroom and soy protein

creates these little sticks of sticky goodness, with no bones, dead animals or cruelty into the bargain.

Tantalisingly tasty and melt in the mouth!



Some bites of this I really liked and other bites I didn't so much. The

chargrilled parts were super nice and masked the weird fake meat taste. However I think it's a really great option to have on the menu and I love how much effort they put in for vegans! I probably wouldn't get them again especially as they were £6.50 too which I'm not sure is worth it 🤔 #veganuary #wagamama

Wagamama has nailed yet another vegan dish here! These vegan sticky ‘ribs’ are made of

mushroom and soya protein and both texture and taste was spot on to the real thing (with my hazy memory of ribs from the pre-vegan days)! The sweet & spicy sticky sauce was the perfect accompaniment to these ribs. A little pricey at £6.50 considering the portion like you mentioned @sopheen, but a lovely little Friday night treat! 😋 🌱

These ribs tasted amazing. They were super soft and the sauce was incredibly flavoursome. The

texture was more like pulled pork than ribs, but I don't feel that mattered. My only complaint would be that they were a little spicy for me, but my spice tolorence is low. My family also tried them and liked them, and said they tasted just like pulled pork.
Calories - 306

Really incredible how well the textures is imitated! Very well flavoured does come with 5

not 3 as pictured. The real question is can they come as a rack instead of a starter portion 😜. (Still hate the plastic from deliveroo) #veganisnotscary 2️⃣5️⃣

these were uhmazing - i never thought ribs would be sth that i would enjoy

as a ‘fake meat’ but these are so good - the texture is so good and the sauce is delish 🤤


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