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  • Mixed Mushroom Hirata Buns
  • Mixed Mushroom Hirata Buns

Mixed Mushroom Hirata Buns

by Wagamama


4.58 (38)

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13 January 2020
Honestly these are incredible, the mixture of the saucy mushrooms and crispy breaded aubergine in

the soft fluffy bun is beautiful! Pretty pricey (£5.95 for 2 I believe) but worth it

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26 May 2021

Just wow. This is heaven in your mouth. Should defo get 4 for the price tho :-/

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1 June 2022
These were just perfect.

I love the #bao dough - it’s so fluffy and soft! The mushrooms had a strong umami taste which I liked, and went well with the vegan mayo and crunchy aubergine. There was just the right amount of filling not to spill out everywhere...

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18 February 2022

The buns are so soft, the mushrooms are so crispy on the outside, and with the fillings involved, it creates a perfect mix of texture and flavour.

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10 September 2021

Gorgeous bao buns with a lovely mushrooms and aubergines! Will definitely get again!

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30 April 2022

I love the fried aubergine, mushrooms, mayo, and coriander. Lovely flavours.

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4 May 2022
I was planning to have just one of each buns (this one and the vegan

chicken) but this one was so excepcional I had to order a second serving (disclosure the second pic is not as pretty haha)

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3 November 2020
My favourite starter from Wagamama's 🤩 I can easily eat 10!

Soft bun with nice filling. Comes with sauce 👌🏼

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5 January 2020
Two punches of flavour straight to your face, these were immense.

Crispy mushrooms, soft bun, spicy sriracha mayo, micro herbs. Mmmmmm get in my belly???

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30 November 2019
I just love this dish... I could eat only these (many of them).

The bun is soft and delicate, while the mushrooms are delightfully cooked and the panko aubergine gives the crunchy side. I recommend it 100%!!. #santuariogaia

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