Mixed Mushroom Hirata Buns

by Wagamama
4.56 (38)
  • Is Mixed Mushroom Hirata Buns vegan? Yes! Mixed Mushroom Hirata Buns is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

I just love this dish... I could eat only these (many of them). The bun

is soft and delicate, while the mushrooms are delightfully cooked and the panko aubergine gives the crunchy side. I recommend it 100%!!. #santuariogaia

Another yummy little plate of food, very tasty - would definitely have again!! 💚🌱

Cute, original and delicious. 'two fluffy Asian buns, vegan Sriracha mayonnaise coriander' makes a great

starter or side. I should also mention the great service I experienced.

Tasty lil' buns but I really wish they had more of those delicious, umami, teriyaki

mushrooms on them because those are the real highlight of the dish.

With Wagamama I feel like the quality of the dish varies with the chef, sometimes it comes with more mayo and garnish, sometimes it's presented better but I'm really making the most of the 50% off Eat Out to Help Out scheme this month so I'm not complaining.

Two small, fluffy asian buns served with panko aubergine, mixed mushrooms and coriander. Simply delicious.

I could have eaten more and more of it, it is so light, tasty and yummy 😋

Two punches of flavour straight to your face, these were immense. Crispy mushrooms, soft bun,

spicy sriracha mayo, micro herbs. Mmmmmm get in my belly???

Very tasty buns but should be slightly cheaper

I’ve always loved steamed buns, these are certainly the best!
The crunch for the crusted

aubergine gives an additional texture. The mushrooms give a meaty feel to the buns. Very good portion size.

Well done to a Wagamama for offering such a great vegan selection in their menu.

These buns are literally amazing. The flavours and spices on the mushrooms are very tasty

and the panko aubergine really adds a nice crunch to the soft squishy bao buns. All round really nice. Could eat loads of these but I feel they are a little expensive.

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