Kare buroso ramen

by Wagamama
4.52 (63)
  • Is Kare buroso ramen vegan? Yes! Kare buroso ramen is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

I mean.... I’m back again. I can’t get enough. This is by far my fave

fave fave thing to get on deliveroo at the moment as were locked down 🙅🏽‍♀️ delicious tofu and the tastiest mushrooms everrrr!!! #ditchdairy #wagamama #ramen #gyoza

A great big bowl of ramen. I love it! The tofu is crunchy and spicy,

nice thick udon noodles and the broth has great taste to it.

Well done to a Wagamama for offering such a great vegan selection in their menu.

Wagamama’s is one of the few food chains I like supporting.. only because they’re food

is delicious and they offer a wide variety of vegan options. This dish was great, would eat again for sure!

I quite enjoyed this dish!

For a dish a little more on the expensive size,

it was quite small, and was mostly stock - I'd suggest boosting up on those yummy veggies and tofu :) #veganin2020

Not the best ramen you can have, but it’s a nice option when you crave

some comfort food. Quite spicy.

This is by far my favourite dish I’ve tired from wagamamas! The fried silken tofu

pieces are stunning and the flavours are great. Still would prefer a different type of noodle to udon, but still really good. #wagamama #ramen #tofu

Not a fan of this one, but that’s purely because it’s full of mushrooms and

I can’t stand them, but if you’re a mushroom fan you’ll love this. The broth is tasty and the veggies and noodle and firm and flavourful.
#wagamama #ramen #wimbledon #noodles

#vacaloura #santuariovacaloura #uncorazonparavacaloura
This was my first time having ramen, and I'm aware that takeaway

from Wagamama is probably not the best place to expect great flavours, but I was a bit disappointed. Apart from the spicy flavour from the chillies, the rest was a bit bland. However, the quantity and the variety of ingredients was very good. Perhaps it would have tasted better if ordered to have in, so it would have kept the different textures🤔

A delicious comforting and hearty soup. Udon noodles, plenty of veg and tofu. The broth

is full of flavour and delicious. #jaan

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