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Kare buroso ramen

by Wagamama


4.55 (61)

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14 August 2021
Not a fan of this one, but that’s purely because it’s full of mushrooms

and I can’t stand them, but if you’re a mushroom fan you’ll love this. The broth is tasty and the veggies and noodle and firm and flavourful.

#wagamama #ramen #wimbledon #noodles

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4 May 2021
Wagamama’s reduced menu for COVID-19 is still jam packed full of vegan options so

you don’t have to veganise many options!

This was the vegan option for ramen 🍜. It was very tasty but I do think it was expensive for what it...

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11 July 2022
#vacaloura #santuariovacaloura #uncorazonparavacaloura

This was my first time having ramen, and I'm aware that takeaway from Wagamama is probably not the best place to expect great flavours, but I was a bit disappointed. Apart from the spicy flavour from the chillies, the rest was a bit bland. However, the quantity and the variety of ingredients was very...

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11 September 2021
Tasty and warming if a little salty.

Tofu and mushrooms were good. Not convinced by these plastic containers that are forced on you. Could be spicier.

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27 February 2022
very tasty udon soup!!

The tofu was especially lovely. Quite spicy too. It'd be nice to have more vegetable variety though, and definitely more mushrooms than were given!!

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29 January 2020
A little bit spicy for my liking but nonetheless so delicious!!

The mushrooms on top were lovely !

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3 February 2021
I mean.... I’m back again.

I can’t get enough. This is by far my fave fave fave thing to get on deliveroo at the moment as were locked down 🙅🏽‍♀️ delicious tofu and the tastiest mushrooms everrrr!!! #ditchdairy #wagamama #ramen #gyoza

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17 November 2020
Personally i don’t think you can go wrong with a ramen!

Although, I thought the ramen at the wagas in newcastle was better, but still lovely anyway! and you get a huge portion

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11 August 2020
Love this vegan ramen, it’s filled with mushrooms, tofu and udon noodles in a curry

broth. Wee bit spicy though!

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