Chocolate Orange Cake

by Wagamama
4.12 (17)
  • Is Chocolate Orange Cake vegan? Yes! Chocolate Orange Cake is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Nice!! It was way hard to cut, don’t expect the fluffy and soft chocolate cake!

It comes with a lovely miso caramel ice cream. Overall, a yummy dense desert! #veganisnotscary

Compliments the ice cream really well but the cake was quite hard, not sure if

it was supposed to be like that, but tasted sort of like Jaffa cakes in a weird way, really orangey if you like the mix of chocolate and orange I’d recommend! 🌱

This was very #rich and dense - more like a #tart than a #cake -

but the taste was absolutely heavenly. The orange flavour came through and went perfectly with the caramel ice cream (their freezer had broken so it was amazing they managed to keep it from melting on such a hot day!) Next time I might try the other vegan pudding option just because I could not finish this due to its richness, but I recommend for all #chocolateorange lovers! #wagamama #vegandessert #chocoholic

“Cut my cake into pieces, this is my last re-torte!” 🎶 😜 🍰 This cake

was quite dense and really tasted more like a torte than a fluffy chocolate cake. It was still delicious nonetheless. The orange is provided through the dusting on top so it wasn’t overpowering. Served with a miso caramel ice cream with chocolate sauce and mint 😋 🌱 🍫 #chocolateorangecake #abillionlove #feature

This is what my friend ordered and we were both wowed by how good this

was!!🤤 the cake I’d say was definitely more like an almost brownie mixed with a tart as opposed to a cake as it wasn’t a spongey cakey texture, more so like it’s set in the fridge.

The orange drizzle was really flavourful and orangey, it packed quite a punch!🍊 The miso caramel ice cream was simply a dream to try, what a flavour combo🤤🤤

An okay portion size for a pudding, a wee bit expensive at £6.25 but definitely worth it, I’d get this again! 🍫 🍊

#abillionturns3 #pridemonth

Given that it is a flourless cake, do not expect the cake to be fluffy.

It will be dense. The orange flavour comes through and you can even feel the zest as you east through it. The ice cream helps to break the denseness of the cake. The ice cream was slightly salty due to the miso flavour, although a stronger miso taste would be much better.

Kind of more of a torte than a cake? Or is a torte a kind

of cake? 😂 very nice- very dense but nice. The star was the ice cream for me though. Miso and caramel flavour 😍 I guess it kind of tasted like salted caramel- so good!

I liked this my husband did not! It’s flourless so more of a truffle tart

but it was tasty and chocolaty. The caramel ice cream i had with this is nice but the Reika coconut ice cream was not, it had a weird texture and flour taste. Worth a try but not sure I’d have it again

Very decadent and orangey cake with delicious miso caramel ice cream. Could have done with

more ice cream to balance out the chocolatey richness, but both were really good

Decent dessert- I enjoyed the icecream more even though it tasted pretty much like normal

vanilla/caramel icecream.


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