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Bang Bang Cauliflower

by Wagamama


4.32 (29)

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4 June 2021
First time back at waga’s this year and I was so excited!

This was amazing but be warned, it is spicy!!🌶 but not to the point of burning your mouth and ruining any taste afterwards, that’s when spice is too far for me, so this was okay (after some coughing lol)

I Feel like cauliflower is such an underrated veg sometimes, so having this as a side is a good option to have

#abillionturns3 #pridemonth

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6 July 2021
crispy cauliflower.

firecracker sauce. red + spring onion. fresh...

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13 January 2022
This is so moreish!

I can never get enough. It’s really spicy and addictive. All their sides are incredible and I struggle to choose every...

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14 August 2021
Another winner from Wagamama!

Not too spicy either. Seemed a big portion for a side and with hindsight I would get much less food next time! Their vegan menu is huge and full of great stuff I can’t wait to go back and try something...

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5 February 2022
This was soo nice, the firecracker sauce is delicious.

Not a massive portion for the price but enough as a starter or side, quite spicy though 🔥

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2 October 2021
OK the mains here are amazing.. the sides though are fucking gorgeous😍 this is spicy

and flavourful, got a really sweet tang to it. I could eat this over and over and over

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17 November 2020
definitely a go to for a side - best cauliflower !

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21 September 2020
Really enjoyed this however I was expecting it to be breaded and crunchy for some

reason so not what I was looking for but still yummy!

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31 August 2020
This was a nice side dish.

You get a decent portion. I did however find that the dish was lacking in spice, a little surprised especially given that the cauliflower has firecracker sauce. I would be willing to have this again though 💚

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