Bang Bang Cauliflower

by Wagamama
4.28 (33)
  • Is Bang Bang Cauliflower vegan? Yes! Bang Bang Cauliflower is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Delicious and decadent with a lovely firecracker sauce and dress sliced ginger.

Crispy, wok-fried cauliflower coated in firecracker sauce. Mixed with red and spring onions. Garnished with

fresh ginger and coriander.

This is very decent side dish that would accompany any main dish perfectly. Spiced to perfection and those crispy edges add great texture. 😋

I love the way Wagamama has a Vegan only menu!!!!!!

We had 2 mains, 3 sides and 2 pints of Asahi for £50.50 - excellent food and value for money

First time back at waga’s this year and I was so excited! This was amazing

but be warned, it is spicy!!🌶 but not to the point of burning your mouth and ruining any taste afterwards, that’s when spice is too far for me, so this was okay (after some coughing lol)

I Feel like cauliflower is such an underrated veg sometimes, so having this as a side is a good option to have

#abillionturns3 #pridemonth

I always order this at Wagamama’s - such a tasty little dish that really packs

a punch!!

Very nice dish! Cauliflower could have been crispier. But overall spicy, slightly sweet and delicious!

crispy cauliflower. firecracker sauce. red + spring onion. fresh ginger. coriander

I love cauliflower and this

was just perfect! Ginger and firecracker sauce 😘👌🏽
I’d definitely recommend to only have either a firecracker main or side dish as having a side and main was maybe bit to much but I’ll guess I’ll find out tomorrow 😂
Was lovely tho and recommend!

Crispy cauliflower bites with a teriyaki chili flavour sauce, red onion, ginger and lemongrass. The

crispness of the cauliflower and amount of sauce varies with each chef so sometimes it's better than others depending on how you prefer it but a tasty side dish nonetheless

Fried cauliflower in firecracker sauce. The sweet & spicy flavour is somewhat similar to the

sauce used for their sticky vegan ‘ribs’, but the ginger and coriander make it really aromatic.

This cauliflower dish is amazing if you’re one for spice, it’s got amazing flavours from

their firecracker sauce, with chilli, garlic and fresh ginger as garnish.
For around £5.50 it’s a dish I get to treat myself🤩

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